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08 August 2011 @ 08:46 pm
Name: Jessica
Age: 17
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Language: English, Mandarin, French
Favourite Member: Masaki Aiba
Favourite Pairing: Ohmiya, Juntoshi
- sketching
- badminton
- music
- reading
- networking
- eating
- sleeping
About Me: In university, life is hell, can't live without my phone because I have no sense of direction and I need music to get through the days XD daily dose of Arashi is crucial to survival.  I'm not active on LJ at all, but I'm a tumblr-addict :) I'm usually too busy or lazy to photoshop, but once in a blue moon I might post some things up on LJ.
Landed in the Arashi fandom during finals period, where I procrastinated by watching The Quiz Show and squealed over Sakurai Sho and Yokoyama Yu.  Procrastination led to this amazing miracle :3 Love Arashi, their music, dramas, and variety shows!

One thing I have to ask here is if anyone knows anyplace where there are good Arashi graphics like icons and wallpapers?  I've tried googling many times with many different terms but so far I've only found 1 or 2 decent places, and they are never updated. :( Good graphics hard to come by for Arashi for some reason.  Less idolizing and more fangirling, maybe? :)  I think the two are distinctly different. Arashi have a human, life-like image to them, whereas most Korean and American idols are practically immortalized in their images XD  I need to stop rambling, too much time on my hands now that school is finally over :D
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Hello everyone!

Final dates are out for the Fan meet.

Click here to go check out the event!

Advertise the event to all arashi fans in Toronto and tell them to comment on the post so I know who is coming!

Hope to see all of you there!
13 July 2011 @ 12:14 pm

Name: Rin
Age: 19 turning to 20 soon
Location: Toronto,Ontario 
Language: Japaneseand English (I guess my first language is Japanese)
Favourite Member:Rap Taichou Sho Sakurai
Favourite Pairing:Yama, Sakuraba
Hobbies:Design, drawing, listening to music, karaoking, talking, anything arashirelated <3
Other Fandoms:
- Music (I like to listen to english indie rock, TDCC, Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend) (Japanese will be Ellegarden, rawimps, ayaka, kreva, rip slyme, m-floand other J-rap)
- Movies/Dramas/TV Shows (I love Arashi related shows. Used to watch lots and lots of Korean drama and Japanese Drama, Big Bang Theory and modern family)
- Anime/Manga/Video Games/Voice Actors (I read a lot of manga. I actually bu yquite a lot as well.. I should call all three of my book shelves manga shelves!)(my fav is 20th century boys, deathnote, FMA, Monster, Gantz)

About Me:
I’m currently a university student in Toronto where I learn graphic design.

I am also a Japanese Canadianwho was born in Japan and now lives in Canada.

I’ve been fan girling by myselffor a while now. And I thought it’d be time to finally meet some ppl who sharea common interest with me in Toronto. I never knew so many fans existed though! So I’m really happy that I got to find out this community. I love to talk andsocialize and laugh about the most ridiculous things just like arashi. AlthoughI do have a bias towards sho, I really do love all the members and it will bemy dream to go to their concert one day!


Please contact me through LJ if you want to be friends! I’m really up to any fan meet and exchanging comments about arashigoto.


I hope to get to know all of you guys soon!

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

13 July 2011 @ 01:32 am

Please comment on this post if you're interested in coming!! Or just click to take a look :D


P.S. I will introduce myself on this community later :)
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11 July 2011 @ 06:49 pm
Name: Catherine
Age: 22
Location: Montreal, Qc
Language: English,French, very basic Japanese (trying to learn)
Favourite Member: Aiba Masaki followed closely by Sakurai Sho
Interests/Hobbies: Piano, Karate, languages, jdramas, basically anything that has to do with Japan.
About me: I'm a student at Concordia University in Human Geography. I'm French Canadian who grow up in the United States because of my parent's work. I recently moved back to Montreal and would love to meet people especially Arashi fans!
10 July 2011 @ 01:23 am
Name: Michelle
Age: 15
Location: Toronto, ON
Language: English, Cantonese, a bit of French
Favourite Member: Ohno Satoshi
Favourite Pairing: Juntoshi has taken over my heart these days
Interests/Hobbies: Arts, piano, reading, playing around with Photoshop, fangirling, amusement parks and food c:
About Me: I'm the type of person who wants to try everything she sees but never seems to succeed. s: I see myself as a blend of all the Arashi members put together minus the good looks. Other than Arashi, I actually don't have many other fandoms but I will always hold a special place in my heart for KAT-TUN. I also like Ayaka and I'm slowly getting into SHINee. I love to meet new people here on LJ, so feel free to talk to me! :D
09 July 2011 @ 04:32 am
Name: Tonya
Age: 19
Location: St. John's, NL
Language: English, Moderate Self-Taught Japanese
Favourite Member: Ohno Satoshi
Favourite Pairing: Ohmiya & Sakumoto & Aimiya ♥
Interests/Hobbies: Japanese (horror) films, flailing at my screen, reading/sometimes writing fanfiction, saying English words in katakana form :|
About Me: I just finished my first year of uni at MUN in Newfoundland, but this September I'll be transferring to SMU in Halifax to do a degree in Asian Studies! I'm working towards becoming a Japanese Translator, hopefully in film (♥). There's tons more info listed in my FO page c:

Also also! I'm currently in BC visiting taeminnie & we'll be going to Vancouver next weekend! We were trying to find stores that sold decent Japanese merchandise, maybe possibly something Arashi/Johnny's? She's into KAT-TUN & also some Kpop (JYJ, SHINee, Super Junior, SS501, etc.) so if there's any place anyone knows of that sells these things, please reply & let me know!

I don't want to come off as leeching info off the new comm, but it's kinda sorta perfect timing, and seeing as some of you seem to be from the area... :D
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08 July 2011 @ 09:24 pm
Name:  Camille
Age: 19
Location: Québec, Qc
Language: French, English, Spanish (that I keep improving then forgetting then improving then forgetting....), and a really basic German. 
Favourite Member: Sakurai & Aiba (I cannot choose, but really not XD)
Favourite Pairing: Sakuraiba :B (for obvious reasons)
-learning languages and exchanging with foreign people 
- watching movies (although recently I feel like I've missed a couple. But I'm a huge movie lover in general. I enjoy great movies with well-thought plots and awesome pictures, but I also like to relax with an action movie without any coherant story-line but lots of explosions and pow-pow and yeah.)
-FB-abusing. YES THIS  IS A HOBBY. I mean, when I go on the computer my FB tab is almost always omnipresent and sometimes I'm surprised at how people don't seem to find it useful. It's pretty useful! XD Communication device with friends, picture-share-and-stalk tool, creative device when it comes to update your status (it's more than the classic "I'm eating salsa"-type of status, common!), stalking tool in general I'd say, etc. 
You could say that e-mails can do the "communication" job, but what's great is that you can reach more people without having the impression you forgot someone. Stuff like that. Anyway, yeah, I'm accro, shamelessly.
....other than that I also have a RL social life, don't worry XD in fact my whole FB-addiction is engendered by RL. Yes, I am sane.
- not-listening to classes (this might change now I'm entering Uni though |D)

- procratinating. YT-ing. LJ-ing. etc.
About Me: 
School-wise, I just graduated from cegep (aka those 2 years between high school and University in the province of Qc) and I've been accepted in the Translation program next Fall. 
I'm the type of person who is cool with life and has no stress nor too much worries (I have some, ofc, I'm human hehe), I just follow what I think is the right path and yeah. Every decision I've taken so far has led me to something really enjoyable so I keep going like that.
I'm really hyper yet I can be really calm for certain situations (I'm well-known for both so idk). I'm the joking-type: I just cannot help it. I've a huge sense of humour (even though sometimes I just don't get people's humour) and I love sarcasm/irony (to the point sometimes I'm uncounciously sarcastic and then I find out that it's not everyone who gets sarcasm /D).

 My Arashi-story is quite easy:
this is long so I allow myself a cutCollapse )
So, basically, it's a love-hate relationship (because in the beginning I was in deny) ending up with love. Yeah. 
I forgot to mention, I'm talkative (just imagine that in real life I would have said that high-speed with hands gestures)
Nice to meet you, everyone ;D
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08 July 2011 @ 07:53 pm
 Name : Melissa
Age : 22
Location : Ottawa, Ontario (but my true home is in Toronto)
Language : English, French, Japanese
Favourite members : Sho-kun and MatsuJun but really I could fangirl all of them all day XD
Hobbies : Reading, watching dramas, graphic design

About me : I was introduced to Arashi by a mix of being Jun-baited and by my friend being a major fan. I was on exchange in Japan during the airing of Hana yori Dango Returns and so I was Jun-baited by watching that. Meanwhile, the French exchange student who was my bestie (^_^) was a huge fangirl so she got me watching Arashi shows like Arashi no Shukudai-kun.
She used to watch News Zero every Monday and her host-parents thought she was so mature for watching news so faithfully (haha! little did they know ;P).
Sadly, it wasn't until I left the country that I truly became a fan. And, after a while, my loyalties started switching to Sho-kun. Although, lately I've been fluttering between the two.
Current Location: Ottawa
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08 July 2011 @ 01:12 pm
 Name: Lia
Age: Turning 24 on July 19.. YAY!!! \(^ ^)/ <strike> 10 days from now </strike>
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Language: Fluent English, Fluent Tagalo (filipino), as all of you are..can atleast laugh at VSA without eng sub.. =P so jap would be 30% haha! can atleast read Gana and Kana.. =P
Favourite Member: Naruse Ryo...eerrr..i mean Ohno Satoshi.. ^^
Favourite Pairing: Yama <3 . . . .  eerr Sakuraiba... . . . eerr...JunToshi!??! OhMiya..!! XDD can't choose..!! ho hoo= ho (^w^)
- Watching
- Dramas (J-dorama only)
- how things work.. (subbing, gif making, how papers become paper, why is the sky blue..) lol.
- Photoshop ^^
- Computer works..
-Chocolates..haha!! (hyper mode)
About Me: <strike>Isn't that all about me already?</strike> haha.. nyways..I  can really talk online but really shy inperson.. ^^ Currently obsessed with anything jap..lol.. my tension is like Karage-eating-Aiba-chan..whenever  I hear or see anything Jap.. i LOVE kaiten Sushi!! so I got super ecstatic..I'm bad at spelling..haha..I was working as a Supervisor at Calgary Sun's (the newspaper) production line..but I  switched to part-time to go back school..
When I first watched the paper boat in late night Arashi..I was like I wanna make one.. lol..and put it on my stat in FB..my friends we're like <q>"let's make one"</q> then I was like <q>we should make a paper ship instead</q> coz there's a lot of replies..hahaha!! my ideas are out of this world like Aiba-chan.. if you're gonna compare me to members of Arashi.. I would be all.. MY interest in art, dance, sing, (ohno), crazy ideas/experiments (Aiba-chan), Acting, <strike>  I can make a lie the truth</strike> (Nino) ..Drawing ability (Sho) haha!! Fashion (Jun)..hahaha!!
may forget some infos bout me.. baboy_19 is my tumblr and twitter..  If you want my FB and other contacts PM Me.. ^^
<font color="pink">Yoroshiku-Peace!! < (~, ^) > </font>
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