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08 July 2011 @ 09:24 pm
Representative of the frogs  
Name:  Camille
Age: 19
Location: Québec, Qc
Language: French, English, Spanish (that I keep improving then forgetting then improving then forgetting....), and a really basic German. 
Favourite Member: Sakurai & Aiba (I cannot choose, but really not XD)
Favourite Pairing: Sakuraiba :B (for obvious reasons)
-learning languages and exchanging with foreign people 
- watching movies (although recently I feel like I've missed a couple. But I'm a huge movie lover in general. I enjoy great movies with well-thought plots and awesome pictures, but I also like to relax with an action movie without any coherant story-line but lots of explosions and pow-pow and yeah.)
-FB-abusing. YES THIS  IS A HOBBY. I mean, when I go on the computer my FB tab is almost always omnipresent and sometimes I'm surprised at how people don't seem to find it useful. It's pretty useful! XD Communication device with friends, picture-share-and-stalk tool, creative device when it comes to update your status (it's more than the classic "I'm eating salsa"-type of status, common!), stalking tool in general I'd say, etc. 
You could say that e-mails can do the "communication" job, but what's great is that you can reach more people without having the impression you forgot someone. Stuff like that. Anyway, yeah, I'm accro, shamelessly.
....other than that I also have a RL social life, don't worry XD in fact my whole FB-addiction is engendered by RL. Yes, I am sane.
- not-listening to classes (this might change now I'm entering Uni though |D)

- procratinating. YT-ing. LJ-ing. etc.
About Me: 
School-wise, I just graduated from cegep (aka those 2 years between high school and University in the province of Qc) and I've been accepted in the Translation program next Fall. 
I'm the type of person who is cool with life and has no stress nor too much worries (I have some, ofc, I'm human hehe), I just follow what I think is the right path and yeah. Every decision I've taken so far has led me to something really enjoyable so I keep going like that.
I'm really hyper yet I can be really calm for certain situations (I'm well-known for both so idk). I'm the joking-type: I just cannot help it. I've a huge sense of humour (even though sometimes I just don't get people's humour) and I love sarcasm/irony (to the point sometimes I'm uncounciously sarcastic and then I find out that it's not everyone who gets sarcasm /D).

 My Arashi-story is quite easy:
Some time around 2007 I got into Japanese pop (due to some complicated story). A friend of mine once came and asked me if I knew Arashi; she wasn't a fan herself (and never became one) but the friend of her sister was and that's how she heard of it. And she introduced them to me as the "Japanese Backstreet Boys" (and I never really liked BSB so I felt really awkward to actually enjoy their music). First song/PV ever: Sakura Sake. 
To me it was like a process among others in my J-discovery and I was using YT to find my music so it was mostly restricted to PV's (it's at that time I discovered Lucky Man, that became my favourite Arashi song of all times XD)
(OH! And Sakurai was my #1 eye-candy. And at the time I didn't know anyone's name besides Sakurai's (I was not interested in knowing the other's, especially Aiba because in 2007, for some reasons I thought he was out of place. Now he's my favourite, see how opinions change with time).
But I knew only like 5-6 songs that way and didn't know about their tv shows or concerts or anything so after a year I got tired.
This is what I call my "arashi hiatus". I got back again around Yatterman to discover THE PREVIEW of Believe and gave up again on them before even get to the actual PV.
Then in October 2009, a LJ friend of mine who's, among others, a Gackt fan, announced he'd be on VS Arashi and that the Gackt fandom was crazy about that or idk what. I was like "hey, I know them...8D" so for the lulz I commented I was rooting for them and all.....without really knowing what VSA was consisting of XD
She gave me the links to the streaming videos and I.loved.every.friggin.moment.of.it. I fell in love again and it was definitive. 
So, basically, it's a love-hate relationship (because in the beginning I was in deny) ending up with love. Yeah. 
I forgot to mention, I'm talkative (just imagine that in real life I would have said that high-speed with hands gestures)
Nice to meet you, everyone ;D
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kawaii_beelakawaii_beela on July 13th, 2011 02:57 pm (UTC)
yea for sure, i was prolly baited in the most common way tho XD gokusen/jun bait haha

haha same!! its such a great song! it always raises my tension! especially during concerts when theyre all screaming and throwing their hands up in the air<3