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08 July 2011 @ 07:53 pm
About Me  
 Name : Melissa
Age : 22
Location : Ottawa, Ontario (but my true home is in Toronto)
Language : English, French, Japanese
Favourite members : Sho-kun and MatsuJun but really I could fangirl all of them all day XD
Hobbies : Reading, watching dramas, graphic design

About me : I was introduced to Arashi by a mix of being Jun-baited and by my friend being a major fan. I was on exchange in Japan during the airing of Hana yori Dango Returns and so I was Jun-baited by watching that. Meanwhile, the French exchange student who was my bestie (^_^) was a huge fangirl so she got me watching Arashi shows like Arashi no Shukudai-kun.
She used to watch News Zero every Monday and her host-parents thought she was so mature for watching news so faithfully (haha! little did they know ;P).
Sadly, it wasn't until I left the country that I truly became a fan. And, after a while, my loyalties started switching to Sho-kun. Although, lately I've been fluttering between the two.
Current Location: Ottawa
Current Mood: chipperchipper