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08 July 2011 @ 08:40 am
Name : Sylphina
Age : very old ;_;
Location : Montreal, Quebec.
Language : French, English
Arashi fact : My online friends kept trying to make me listen to Arashi but I didn't want to 'cause I thought '' ugh. boys bands. '' so then they sent me tensai clips, and I though Aiba was hilarious <3 then I watched Kimi Wa Petto, and I liked Jun, and then I watched more and more dramas, I got into the theme songs sang my arashi, so I got an album... and next thing you know I've been a die hard fan for years <3 IM SO HAPPY I GAVE IN ;_;
Favorite pairing : Sakuraiba <3 ... and I want to say MaoxJun but that's not quite.. ahahaha !! ^___^
Hobbies : Drawing, running around, being crazy, photography, my cats, and of course, spending my life sitting in front of my computer :D yaay !
About me : I'm a child at heart who's trying to survive in an adult world. I work as an assistant optometrist, spend my days selling glasses and doing eye exams ~ you can find me on tumblr under sylphina and get to know me better :D I'm always looking for new friends cause I don't have much and so don't be shy COME TALK TO ME <3 :D
Current Location: Quebec
Current Music: Always - Arashi
07 July 2011 @ 10:15 pm
Name: Meghan
Age: 16
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Language: English, Japanese, basic Dutch
Favourite Member: All 5 ~
Favourite Pairing: Ohmiya
Interests/Hobbies: Math, art, travelling, cultures/languages, computers
About Me: I'm a highschool student in the greater Vancouver area ~ I'm also double-parka on tumblr (I'm waaaaaay more active on there than lj) I'd love to find more fans from around here *_* よろしく~
Current Location: Vancouver
Current Mood: determined
Current Music: 好きだから - ベッキ
07 July 2011 @ 09:22 pm
 Name: Christine
Age: 18
Location: Burnaby, British Columbia
Language: English, Semi-fluent Cantonese, can mostly understand  Arashi variety-show level Japanese
Favourite Member: I was Ohno-baited so Ohno Satoshi!
Favourite Pairing: OT5
- badminton
-anime/manga/video games
About Me: Currently entering first year university (eep!) As above, I was Ohno-baited XD. I'm on tumblr too, and I'm interested if there are any other Arashi fans near where I live, there seems to be hardly any! Can't think of anything else so I'll end it here.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: 僕が僕のすべて
07 July 2011 @ 10:48 pm
Name: Nabeela
Age: 23
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Language: English, Intermediate Japanese, Intermediate French (i think i forgot most of it XD), Intermediate Punjabi
Favourite Member: Ohno Satoshi
Favourite Pairing: Yama Pair<3
- watching movies
-hanging out with friends
-anime/manga/video games
About Me: I'm a soon to be graduated Graphic Design student from Seneca College and I love to do art<3 on the computer usually tho, my free hand drawing can sometimes be comparable to Sho XD, I love to meet knew people and friends and I'm friendly^^ ummm.... not sure what else to say here so i'll just stop now haha Yoroshiku ne minna:D
07 July 2011 @ 10:36 pm
Hello everyone, double_parka  and I were talking and we decided that we needed a community for only Canadian Arashi fans so I made this comm:D I've never made or maintained a comm before so please bare with me:D feel free to invite all your Canadian Arashi fans to the comm:D

The purpose of this comm is to get to know various fans from all over our country and talk about Arashi! Hopefully people from various provinces can use this comm to help organize Arashi fanmeets as well^^

We can have introduction posts as well too hopefully which can help distinguish which provinces we are each from^^ I've made some tags as well so please use those when posting:D i didnt make tags for Nunavut, Northwest Territories or Yukon Territory but if we need tags for those I'll make them too XD thanks~

Have Fun =D
Current Music: Arashi - Joy